Regular Tuning (or Fine Tuning)

This service refers to adjusting the string tension in order to make the piano perfectly in tune with itself, not necessarily at standard concert pitch. If the piano has not been tuned in quite some time (usually 2 years or more), it may require a pitch raise in order to bring it back up to concert pitch A440 and remain stable.

Approximate time: 2 hours


Pitch Raise & Tune

This service is necessary if your piano hasn’t been tuned in quite some time, or if it has been subjected to extreme swings in humidity and /or temperature and it is now flat. If the pitch has dropped one quarter tone or more below standard pitch, it needs to be brought up gradually with consecutive tunings (on the same visit) or the tuning will not hold. This is the most frequent kind of tuning I encounter in the Jerusalem area, either because of the weather or because the piano has not been tuned yearly as recommended).

Approximate time: 3 hours

₪250 + ₪530*

General Services & Repair

Any repair, regulationvoicing or replacement of piano parts.

A minimum  250.00 service charge applies. If the repair can be done on-site in conjunction with a tuning,  60.00 minimum apply.  

 200 per hour + parts*



Official Inspections / Assessments / Appraisals

Examples of this service are:
– Inspecting a piano before you decide to purchase.

– Appraising the value of the piano that you are intending to sell, insure or donate.

– Assessing the condition of your piano and what it will cost to repair it. Repair estimates are written only.

On site service:
Verbal Assessment:
Written Assessment:

For quick and inexpensive online appraisal contact us by phone

Pre-Owned & Refurbished Pianos For Sale
– Sell Your Piano –

View used pianos for sale by piano technicians and private sellers.

Please contact me by phone to check the avilabilty.

I recommend using Yad2 together with a piano assessment (see above) before the purchase. 

Dammp Chaser Piano Life Saver System Installation 

Quotes by email only

*surcharge may apply in certain outlying areas

*All prices are subject to changes according to the condition of the piano